Supply and Demand and the Ginger Gene

September 20, 2011

So Conan O’Brien mentioned on his show that, according to a random news item, sperm banks are refusing redheaded donors, due to a decline in demand for redheaded sperm.

As a redheaded guy, I was initially distraught at hearing this. Growing up a ginger already makes you feel a bit insecure about your appearance. I certainly don’t need the reproductive industry, representing the world-at-large, telling me that my genes can’t get past the velvet rope.

But then it occurred to me…the law of supply and demand goes both ways.

If sperm banks are no longer providing that service, the few women interested in having a potentially redheaded child will have to find other sources of the ginger gene. And as it so happens, I am a source of that DNA.

So ladies, hit me up. My rates are reasonable.