Certain Forms of Plastic Surgery Accepted

March 28, 2012

Beauty pageants don’t make sense. There is no logical role for Miss Whatever in modern society. Nevertheless, they exist with enough prominence that people notice when Miss Universe Canada gets disqualified for having a Y chromosome.

First of all, she’s not that attractive. The folks in Canada would have been better off to let her lose and drift into obscurity instead of announcing to the world think she was a legitimate candidate for your country’s representative. Now Ms. Talackova gets her photo posted all over the internet.

Second, it’s absurd to think that beauty pageants represent natural, female beauty. With all the available plastic surgery, artificial beauty regimes, dietary and exercise expertise available to contestants, the act of crowning a beauty queen is the equivalent of awarding a blue ribbon to a 10 year-old kid for showing a genetically-engineered cow at the state farm. Integrity isn’t really the point.

But lastly, why would anybody who has gone through the arduous (and painful) process of changing their gender, want to be bothered with the inanities of Pageant World? For all the respect and/or admiration you might have for someone who went through gender reassignment, should we be celebrating their choice to then sign up for Miss Universe Canada? Aren’t we past the Lifetime movie scenario where you need to be elected prom queen to have a successful life? Can’t we just be happy being happy?

Jenna Talackova is either desperate for attention (and shouldn’t be rewarded), is trying to make a statement about beauty pageants (and should be re-introduced to today’s society which doesn’t care), or has some serious issues about her gender that need to be addressed.