Jokes About Racists Are No Longer Funny

March 21, 2012

So apparently Robert DeNiro made a joke about racism.  It wasn’t a racist joke, mind you, but a joke about racism, at the expense of racists.  Appropriately, the Republicans were outraged.

You see, at an event featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, DeNiro joked that with “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney” all vying to replace Ms. Obama, that perhaps America isn’t ready for a white First Lady.

Just so we’re clear:  Robert DeNiro is white.  The previous 45 First Ladies* were all white.  There has been exactly zero resistance to white people in the White House in the history of the United States.  The joke is obviously absurd.

Further, the joke is based on the ridiculous rhetoric during the 2008 presidential campaign questioning whether America was “ready” for a black president.  Which was stupid at the time, and proven ridiculous today.

Which means DeNiro’s joke was rather clever.  And that somebody must have written it for him.

Appropriately, Newt Gingrich was offended by the joke and demanded an apology from Obama.  Because Gingrich is sensitive to the feelings of his wives and blames the President for everything that hurts his feelings.

In the meantime, shall we try this brain teaser… if a joke mocks racism, and you’re offended by it, that must mean that you are…


* In case you cared, there have been 45 presidents, but due to bachelorhood and widowhood a different number of First Ladies has resulted.