Attacking the Middle won’t help the Left

March 20, 2017

With moderates and mainstream liberals continuously speaking out against the presidency of Donald Trump, I am amazed at how much the Far Left continues to attack the presidency of Barack Obama. They seem to take great effort in skipping over what Trump is doing now to point out what Obama did in the past.

Just as Trump supporters gloated when their candidate won the election in November, the Far Left seems to be taking great pleasure at pointing out what they see as hypocrisy on the part of Obama supporters. Sure, Trump ordered troops into Yemen, but what about all those drone missions that Obama ordered? Sure, Trump’s ICE is pulling sick people out of hospitals and arresting domestic violence victims in court, what about how many people Obama deported?

As if somehow Obama’s perceived sins excuse Trump’s much worse sins.

Setting aside the particulars of the issues for a moment, what does the Far Left actually stand to gain by this tactic? Will they somehow guilt the Middle into supporting their cause wholeheartedly? Will overlooking Trump’s outrageous behavior somehow conjure up some evil-cancelling spell and turn the world into a progressive utopia?

Or does this simply represent a group of people that is so resentful over not getting the Liberal Jesus that they wanted in Obama, that they’ll overlook the reality of what’s actually going on in the world today.

When it comes to false superiority, the Far Left is no different than the Far Right.