A Dog Eat Dog World

March 25, 2012

When addressing crimes committed against criminals, people tend to be a little bit flippant. After all, if you’re going to lead a life of crime, and socialize with other criminals, maybe you get what you deserve when you get hurt. If gangsters want to kill each other, and law-abiding citizens don’t get caught in the crossfire, what’s the harm?

Well, a group of Serbian criminals reportedly took things to a whole new level. When they turned on Milan Jurisic, they didn’t just kill him, they also flayed him, ground him up, cooked him, and then ate him.

Apparently Jurisic was a turncoat of some sort, and was convicted in the assassination of the Serbian prime minister, so this wasn’t a great loss to the rest of us, but it certainly helps put the criminal lifestyle in a different perspective. Even if these cannibalistic gangsters are not be hurting you directly, but you probably still don’t want them living next door to you. Especially when it’s time for that potluck block party.