Fighting Silly With Silly

March 24, 2012

There’s a debate in some circles about whether or not atheism is a religion. I recently heard one side of a dialogue between Penn Jilette and former MTV personality Kennedy and came to the conclusion that, by definition, atheism is more of a philosophy than a religion. But that doesn’t quite explain why people like Bill Maher are so strident in their views against the existence of God.

Wouldn’t the absense of belief more reasonably give way to a lack of argument? It’s kinda like arguing with somebody who says that black is their favorite color. Because no matter how much black ink, paint, or dye you use, black isn’t really a color.

In any case, the capital of American culture, the state of Florida, is currently a battleground among these two sides of belief/non-belief. It seems that a group of Christians thought it would be a good idea to annoint the road into town with olive oil. You know, to ward off evildoers who would otherwise visit their fair city. Local atheists responded by washing off the road. Because annointing oil is so powerfully inert among non-believers.

The atheists acknowledge that their act is only a “symbolic gesture,” but don’t comment on whether they’re also giving significance to the act of their opponent by mocking it.