What Defines Your Web Presence

December 6, 2011

The emergence of social media in recent years has lead many to re-evaluate what it means by having a web presence in today’s world.  Which is another way of saying, if people are looking for me with their laptops, their tablets and their smartphones, will they be able to find me?  And the short answer is yes, they will probably be able to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or whatever other social media sites have emerged since I wrote this, but they’ll also find millions of other people, many of whom will have very similar identifying information.  As convenient as it might be to sign up for that free networking site, adding your personal or company name is the equivalent of getting yourself listed in the phonebook.

For all the virtues of social media, it is by no means a sufficient method for standing out among the clutter of digital noise on the internet.  A person, organization, or company that wants to make itself available to internet viewers must have a home website, even if to only serve as a hub for all their social media information.  The business card, the stationary, and the lobby sign might be fading away in our digital world, but their purposes remain extremely relevant:  customers must be able to clearly and reliably identify the entities they are seeking to interact with.

Even as social media seems to take over the world, and everybody and their grandmother signs up for Facebook, these networks remain just that:  networks.  Only a specifically-designated website can offer the stability needed to establish an identity on the internet.

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