The Virtues of Internal Branding

June 4, 2014

People familiar with the concept of branding can usually appreciate how it benefits the marketing efforts of a company or individual. How a clearly-defined identity can signal to customers that it’s a good idea to interact with this business. But what does it does it say to people who are not customers or potential customers?

Does branding benefit your relationship with your employees? Does branding affect what your competition think of you? In a word, yes.

Imagine a situation where an employee was asked what words came to mind when they thought of his employer and what it represented. Would he say “professional,” “expert,” and “awesome?” Or would he say “lazy,” “inefficient,” and “dumb.”

And how would that insider’s assessment of the company affect how that employee does his job? Does that employee feel like he’s contrulibuting to something great? Or is he hoping to get a job with the competition? How does he subconsciously communicate that dissatisfaction to your clients?

It’s one thing to concern yourself with employee retention and office morale, but thought should also be spent building up what an employee thinks of the company’s brand, so he is in the best position possible to promote that brand.