Why I Grind My Own Coffee Beans

August 4, 2014

Coffee and I have a love/hate relationship.  Coffee wrecks my breath, stains my teeth, ruins my sleep patterns.  But it starts off my morning routine, and it wakes me up.  And it tastes so good.

One thing I like better than the taste of coffee:  the smell of fresh ground coffee.  So with a one-time purchase of a nice, $50 grinder from Target, I start my day with a pleasurable,  sensual experience rhat belies all the other crap I’m going to have to put up with during the next few hours.  You might think it would add a lot of time to my pre-work ritual, but when I’m waiting for the grinder to do it’s thing, I’m adding water and filter to the coffee maker, so the delay to get fresh coffee with a grinder is minimal. 

If you’re that desperate for caffeine that you would pass up on the wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee, you should probably go straight to the energy drink.