Framing Life

April 1, 2012

I’ve spent the last couple of days changing the art that’s hanging on the walls of my home. Took down a framed Kubrick poster and a couple of old paintings. Hung a few photos from my ’10 trip to Ireland. In the process I found a few framed photos in a closet that were caked with dust and insect remains.

The photos were taken circa 2008 when I considered a calling as an artistic photographer. I had shot a few friends, printed a few 5 x 7’s, and framed them for a local art contest. But one of the photos wasn’t intended for the contest. It was a nice, sepia-toned photo of a friend of mine in a nice, dark wood frame. It was a good looking picture of a person that was a significant part of my life at the time.

I’ve decided to replace the photo of my friend with a black-and-white shot of a Dublin pub. It’s a nice frame.