When you don’t know what you’re watching

March 7, 2017

There are few pleasures greater in personal entertainment than happening upon something good with no prior pre-conceived idea of what you were about to enjoy. When the unknown opening band turns out to be good. When your friend sets you down in front of a TV and makes you watch a show you’ve never heard of before.

When you walk into a movie theater with little advance knowledge of what you’re about to see.

Last night, I accidentally created that environment in my own living room. I had just returned home from a mind numbing day at the office , and set about to pick out a movie, while also microwaving my dinner. Buttons were pushed, alarms went off, and just like that, I was sitting in front of my TV without any idea of what I was watching.

And the film opened mysteriously, with strong visuals that didn’t reveal the lead actors. A parachute in the desert, a masked traveler in an antique car. Then…Brad Pitt. Oh yeah, the movie is Allied , a WWII spy movie that made more news for off-screen drama than it did for being good cinema.

But who knows, maybe it’s good. The moment of unintentional surprise in the beginning made the whole experience worth the while.