Eddie Vedder Syndrome

October 8, 2011

It has been my opinion that when the lead singer of a band, somebody who up until that point didn’t play any instruments on stage, picks up a guitar and tries to learn how to play it, the overall music of the band suffers. It’s something I noticed with Pearl Jam, when Eddie Vedder got bored being the hunky frontman and decided he needed to be more of an artist. And it’s why I haven’t bought any of their albums since ‘Vitology’.

(An aside: I’m not a musician myself, but I don’t see why a band with Stone Gossard and Mike McCready needs a third guitarist.)

So anyhow, I saw Incubus play at the Hollywood Bowl last night. Great show. But sometime after he unbuttoned his shirt and thanked his mom, Brandon Boyd picked up a guitar and played along with the rest of the band in a completely unremarkable way. Now I don’t know how long Brandon has fancied himself a guitarist, but of Incubus’ last 2 albums…I’ve downloaded 4 songs. Two of which are ballads. None of which include the DJ scratching that set the band apart in the first place.

Incidentally, Andy Garcia Syndrome is a different condition, and I’ll write about that once I’ve confirmed a second incident.
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